Migration News: November 9-15, 2013

  • The non-government organization Citizens for the Defense of Indigenous and Afro-Mexicans, accused migration authorities (INM) of committing abuse against Haitian migrants in Chiapas. (La Jornada)
  • Proceso reported on declassified documents on the U.S. spying center that operated in Mexico City. (Proceso)
  • Miriam Martínez, Republican pre-candidate for the governor’s race in Texas, affirmed that among other issues she wants to put an end to abuses against migrants in the state. (Informador)
  • El Sol de Tijuana reported on the results of the Seminar on Investigations and Psychology, the First International Forum of Woman Movements, the Migrant Experience, carried out in Tijuana, Mexico. (Sol de Tijuana)
  • Los Angeles Hoy reported that as a result of the aggressive deportation policies of the Obama administration, in the last six years an average of 390 thousand people have been deported annually, thousands of them to Tijuana. (Los Angeles Hoy)

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