Migration News: October 26 – November 1, 2013

  • Mexico’s Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI), carried out its third conference to address migration issues in Guanajuato, organized by the Coalition for the Support of Migrants (Redami). (AM)
  • Dozens of organizations that defend migrant rights announced plans to compile evidence of abuses on the U.S.-Mexico border and create a wall of protest to present in Washington, DC, on November 20th of this year. (Vertigo Político)
  • The General Secretary of Tamaulipas, Herminio Garza Palacios, reported that more than 40 thousand people, including Mexican nationals and foreigners, have been deported this year from the Tamaulipas border region. (Diario rotativo, noticias de Querétaro)
  • La Opinión reported that Mexican authorities carried out raids of undocumented migrants in shopping centers and other business locations close to routes used to travel through Mexico towards the U.S. (La Opinión)
  • Mexico’s migration institute (INM) indicated reported that Mexican authorities detained two individuals in southern Mexico accused of extortion, for allegedly attempting to scam four Haitian migrants using a travel agency that offered transport services to the United States. (Diario de Yucatán)
  • The Mexican government announced its recognition of the agreement reached between a coalition of civil society groups and the state of Alabama, over the legal challenge of the anti-immigration law HB56, which attempted to criminalize migrants in the state. (la Jornada)
  • Mexico’s immigration authorities (INM) reported they in four separate actions detained in Tobasco, Querétaro, Jalisco and Nayarit 65 undocumented Central American migrants, 9 of them minors. (Azteca noticias)

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